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Loop Art Fair accommodation in Barcelona

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Loop Art Fair
Loop Art Fair

From 01/05/2011 To 31/05/2011

Loop is an innovative event, a video art fair that includes exhibitions, screenings, presentations, conferences and a fair. Last year Loop was held in the Hotel Catalonia Ramblas in Barcelona, with screenings in hotel rooms and bathrooms, with visitors cosying into armchairs or beds and mixing in corridoors.
Loop present works by some 800 artists to some 200.000 visitors in 100 locations all over the city including important museums, restaurants and shops. LOOP receives financing from the Government of Catalunya and the Spanish Ministry of Culture as well as other sponsors..
This year some 44 galleries have been invited to the LOOP Fair and will exhibit to 4,000 professionals, journalists, curators and collectors from around the world. Loop aims to make interesting new of alliances between institutions, artists, curators, festivals, producers, distributors, galleries and universities, among others in the video art field.

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