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Montjuic de Nit accommodation in Barcelona

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Montjuic de Nit
Montjuic de Nit

From 03/07/2011 To 03/07/2011
Venue: Montjuic

Like many European cities, Barcelona has created a White Night’ or ‘Nuit Blanche’: a night of free dusk-to-dawn entertainment. While cities such as Rome, Paris and Brussels hold their White Nights in early October, in Barcelona it is in July so as not to eclipse the La Mercé festival in September.

Montjuic de Nit is free and held annually. Now a major event in the culltural calendar of Barcelona, it offers a chance for everyone to enjoy the museums, theatres, parks, gardens and sports facilities on Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona.

Programming includes concerts organised by the different festivals of Barcelona, evening swims, free museum visits, and many other fun-packed activities between 20.00 and 03.00. Visit the Montjuic de Nit website for more information.

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