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La Castanyada 2012 accommodation in Barcelona

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La Castanyada 2012
La Castanyada 2012

From 31/10/2012 To 01/11/2012
Venue: Barcelona

La Castanyada is celbrated on the evening before, and on the say of, All Saintsí Day. The name Castanyada is owed to the the traditional treats of castanyes (roast chestnuts) consumed along with moniatos (roast sweet potatoes) and panellets (small almond balls covered in pine nuts). Castanyes and moniatos are traditionally cooked on coal braziers in the street, and at this time of year you will find street vendors offering them Ė perfect to keep out the early Autumn chill.

As well as La Castanyeda, the imported American tradition of Halloween has grown in popularity in recent years.

Tots Sants (All Saintsí), also known as the Dia dels Difunts (Day of the Dead) is also celebrated at this time of year and white, bone-shaped ossos de sant (Saintís bones) cakes are consumed. Families visit local cemeteries to sprinkle graves of the deceased with holy water, hold vigils, pray for the dead and leave flowers.

If you are attending La Castanyada 2012 and looking for accommodation nearby you may be interested in our selection of apartments in Barcelona. All of these come fully equipped.