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Easter 2013 (Semana Santa) in Barcelona accommodation in Barcelona

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Easter 2013 (Semana Santa) in Barcelona
Easter 2013 (Semana Santa) in Barcelona

From 29/03/2013 To 31/03/2013
Venue: Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona, or Primavera as it is known here, comes much earlier than in many countires in the north of Europe. So even leaving Easter celebration aside, this is a great time of year to visit Barcelona from Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, or other northern parts of Europe, and shake of the end of winter blues and see some bright Mediterranean sunshine, trees and flowers in bloom, terraces open, and the beach is ready for visiting.

Barcelona has its own unique Easter traditions. Diumenge de rams (Palm Sunday) takes place on the 31st of March 2013. People flock to the Cathedral in the old town (La Seu) holding palm fronds for the blessing of the palms in the belief that these are going to bring luck to their households.

On Good Friday (the 29th of March 2013), a series of small processions and blessings takes place in front of the Cathedral and in small villages in the surrounding countryside plays based on the Passion of Christ take place. If you are travelling through Catalunya try and catch one of these wonderful re-enactments. One of the most famous takes place in Esparraguerra, it has cast of more than 700 people!

On Easter Monday (the 1st of April 2013) Godparents give chocolate to their Godchildren, known as monas. Traditionally they were in the form of chocolate eggs, the egg being a religious symbol of eternity. In recent years they have become more populist and you can but a Harry Potter, Justin Bieber or Lionel Messi mona.

With so much going on and the weather, you cant fail to enjoy Easter in Barcelona!

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