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Barcelona Beer Festival 2013 accommodation in Barcelona

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Barcelona Beer Festival 2013
Barcelona Beer Festival 2013

From 07/03/2013 To 10/03/2013
Venue: Las Arenas, Plaça Espanya

This spring sees the second edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival 2013, a meeting point for craft beer lovers. The festival boasts a bar with 50 pumps offering a wide variety of craft beers (300 different beers will be available on rotation).

All the beers on show are only available on tap and you will find local beers as well as foreign beers tot taste. As well as drinking activities such as tastings, lectures and roundtables are being organised offering a chance to share and enrich beer culture.

BBF 2013 takes place in the recently converted former bull ring, the C˙pula Las Arenas in Plaša Espanya.

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