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Christmas in Barcelona 2013 accommodation in Barcelona

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Christmas in Barcelona 2013
Christmas in Barcelona 2013

From 25/12/2013 To 26/12/2013
Venue: Barcelona

Though many associate Barcelona with sun and sand, Christmas is a wonderful time of year to visit Barcelona. The old city has a magical atmosphere - the narrow streets and small squares of the medieval Old Town create a perfect traditional Christmas atmosphere.

During the day time, temperatures in Barcelona often rise up to 14 or 15 degrees Celsius, and the sun often shines, so you will definitely enjoy some Mediterranean warmth as well.

In Catalunya, Christmas takes place on the 25th and 26th of December. In other parts of Spain it is the 24th and 25th that re the main focus. Traditionally it all starts with a Christmas mass at dawn on the 25th, known as the Missa del Gall (cockerels mass). Later in the day families come together to enjoy a rib sticking escudella i carn dolla - a slow cooked featuring meat, sausage, vegetables and pasta, all in rather large quantities-

Throughout Spain, gifts traditionally are not exchanged until the 6th of January, the day of the three kings. In recent times Santa Claus has gained popularity as well.

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