Food & Drink for people with allergies in Barcelona

Allergies and food intolerances are increasingly common. For the traveller with allergies, a source of concern when visiting a new town or city is always this: “what will I be able to eat, and where?”.

Spanish shops and supermarkets cater well to those with intolerances, particularly coeliac disease, and increasingly lactose intolerance.

Barcelona is renowned for its food and drink, and those with intolerances will be happy to hear that that Barcelona also caters very well for their needs.


Ca l’Estevet (Valldonzella, 46. T. 93 302 41 86) offers sumptuous traditional Catalan dishes adapted for people allergic to gluten, dairy or eggs.

Three specials are: bacallà a la llauna – pan-fried salt cod, the Café de Paris entrecote steak and Paella Parellada are three unbeatable options.

Il Piccolo Focone (Dos de Maig, 268. T. 93 450 24 52) serves up gluten-free pizzas. They offer 30 pizzas as well as fresh filled or dried pastas, risottos and tasty desserts.

Pizza doughs are made with cornmeal, buckwheat and potato starch. All the cured meats here are gluten-free so no need to skimp on toppings.

El Gat Blau (Consell de Cent, 139) is also a safe option. Chef Pere Carrió works with local organic produce, and offers fairly- priced dishes such as a confit of octopus with bacon and rosemary, free of gluten, dairy and egg.

4 Capellans, the restaurant at the Hotel Barcelona Catedral (Capellans, 4) is more a fine dining option, though surprisingly for a four-star hotel, the menu is excellent value for money, with few of the main dishes priced above 10€, and nearly all can be adapted to be allergy-friendly.


As an allergic reaction can trigger anaphylactic shock, shops that cater to people with allergies have to know what they are playing at. Here are some of the best choices.

La Botteghina (Clos de Sant Francesc, 55. T. 93 222 95 52): is divided into three areas: one for organic products, one dairy- free and one gluten-free, with a point where all three areas intersect.

Jo També Sóc Al•lèrgic (Vilamarí, 26. T. 93 426 49 48), here everything has a personal touch as the owner’s son was diagnosed with multiple allergies to milk protein, eggs, seafood and nuts at a young age. The experience of raising him left his parents with a store of expert knowledge.

Everything is organised by allergy, and the shop is great fun for kids: there are chocolate bars and chocolate spreads without the ominous warning, ‘may contain traces of nuts’, dairy-free ice cream, and gluten-free pizza and pastries.

Dietètica Glòria
(Entença, 175. T. 93 329 92 51) is another family business. Set-up as a replica of a conventional supermarket but with products for allergy sufferers, 80% of their products are aimed at customers with coeliac disease, but you’ll find a little of everything.


Granja Viader (Xuclà, 4-6), here the lactose-intolerant can sample the thick, Spanish-style hot chocolate, made only with water, cocoa, chocolate and cinnamon. It also has plenty of coeliac-friendly edibiles.

Syngluten (Galileu, 115) make delicious gluten-free ‘churros con chocolate’. These can be prepared lactose-free too.


Celiadictos (La Pobla de Lillet, 5. T. 93 409 31 31), is dedicated to gluten free breads. Their baked goods also satisfy dairy intolerances, as none contain milk.

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Nutcracker / Trencanous

Classic 19th Century ballet The Nutcracker gets a modern reworking; jazz and classical dance are combined for a contemporary spin on this much-loved ballet, creating something for the whole family to enjoy.

The Nutcracker was originally choreographed by Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa, with a composition by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This latest interpretation version deviates from the usual story to reveal the legend behind the boy who turned into a nutcracker after a magical spell was placed upon him by the wicked sorcerer, Drosselmeier.

If you love ballet and contemporary dance be sure not to miss this opportunity to see what Barcelona is renowned as a city of culture.

For more information:

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Babies at CCCB

CCCB is Barcelona’s main contemporary art gallery. Under usual circumstances, you might think that there would not be much here for small children, and you’d probably be right.

Enter stage ‘Babies at CCCB’ offering dance, music, puppets and art aimed at children aged five and under. Not only with these spectacular shows keep your young ones thoroughly entertained, but they are also an excellent way to introduce your children to interactive learning, and how to use audio and visual prompts to further their minds.

Barcelona-based theatre company Viu el Teatre are the creators of the ‘Babies at CCCB’ shows. Their aim as performers is to create a closer relationship between the spectator and the performer at each of their shows; interaction is therefore a key element of their performances.

More information

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Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo enthrals children and adults alike. Featuring over 7,000 animals from over 400 different species, a visit offers primates, felines, tropical birds, elephants, giraffes and dolphins to name a few, making this a perfect day out for all the family.

Situated right on the edge of the Old Town, Barcelona Zoo occupies some 14 hectares inside the green oasis that is the Parc de la Ciutadella.
Founded in 1892, the Zoo was originally located in buildings that had been used for the 1888 Universal Exhibition. At the time, the animals in the Zoo came from the private collection of Lluís Martí Codolar, who kept them on his estate in the neighbourhood of Horta.

From its humble origins, Barcelona Zoo has undergone considerable expansion and modernisation, always with priority being given to the wellbeing and upkeep of the animals and the improvement of their animals living conditions; as well as conservation, with the reintroduction of numerous species in danger of becoming extinct.

As well as animals, Barcelona Zoo offers a number of educational programmes for children and adults, designed to create a greater understanding of and concern for wildlife.

Other attractions at the zoo include a dolphin show (a perennial favourite attraction for younger visitors) and observe mandrills and titis (the world’s smallest monkeys). Kids can come into contact with farm animals at the petting zoo, where they can ride a pony or play in the large children’s park.

Barcelona’s art nouveau past is never far away this city, and Barcelona Zoo is no exception. You’ll come across modernista treasures such as the fountain crowned by Joan Roig i Solé’s sculpture, La Dama del Paraigües (The Lady with the Umbrella -1885), one of Barcelona’s most exquisite and best-loved symbols.

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Ropes and Knots

A novel attraction in Barcelona, Ropes and Knots is the brainchild of José Antonio Portillo, an art installation aimed at children from age 6 to 12. It consists of a circular wooden space containing shelves jostling with fragments of everyday life such as unpublished manuscripts, sheets of music and items found in the rubbish.

The aim of Ropes and Knots is to create a dialogue between the gaze of the spectator and the ordinary items that make up a life, and the unusual stories that these items tell.

This edition of the Library of Ropes and Knots is yet more novel, accompanied as it is by the Library of Noises and Sounds. The audience enters an octagonal chamber that is meant to symbolise the brain, where they are guided through an exploration of how we gather, store, transform and react to sound by percussionist Enric Monfort.

More information

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Bryan Adams live in Barcelona

It is over 30 years since Canadian artist Bryan Adams gained fame with his debut album Reckless. After a career spanning 4 decades, numerous awards, and a successful parallel career as a photographer, Adams is still banging out records like it was 1984; recently releasing his long-awaited 13th album Get Up!
The nine-track album contains some of the first original material from Adams in a long time and was produced by Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, ensuring it will be an unparalleled musical experience.

As well as music and photography, Adams has been known to dabble with directing, and has directed the video for the lead single, ‘Brand New Day’, starring British actress Helen Bonham Carter.

Produced internationally, the demos were sent between Canada, Europe and L.A., with each contributor adding and editing before sending their changes 5,400 miles back to be checked again.

Despite the extensive modern technology behind Get Up! Adams describes the album’s sound as organic.

Bryan Adams is touring to promote Get Up! and will play in Barcelona on the 30th of January at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

For tickets see

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Xavier Gosé at the MNAC

As part of a series by the MNAC dedicated to highlighting the work of the region’s most revered artists, an exciting new exhibition in Barcelona showcases the work of Xavier Gosé (1876-1915).

One of the most influential Catalan artists of the early 20th century, Gosé was born in 1876 and began his career as an illustrator, and frequented the famous Els Quatre Gats cafe in Barcelona’s old town – also a frequent rendezvous of Picasso and Joan Miro.

In 1900, Gosé moved to Paris where he soon became renowned for his elegant artwork, which mostly depicted scenes of everyday French society such as people strolling along the boulevards, ladies lounging in cafes and horse races. His work brought fin-de-siècle Paris to life.

After the outbreak of World War I, Gosé moved back to his native Catalunya, and sadly died shortly afterwards from tuberculosis.
This current exhibition coincides with the centenary of Gosé’s death, and celebrates his enduring legacy in both the Catalan and international art scenes.

More information here:

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Drawing Barcelona

Art Nouveau, city streets, people, tourists and taxis, lots of taxis. These are some of the popular subjects drawn by illustrators participating in the ‘Barcelona Illustrated’ exhibition, running until the 16th of January in Gràcia at the fashion gallery Las Cosas de Martinez.

This is an exciting exhibition where you can discover the city from the viewpoint of some of Barcelona’s most important established and emerging artists.
“The show is different, diverse and fun,” says Inés García-Albi, curator of the exhibition. “On display are the distinct visions of thirty artists from different spheres, including advertising, the press or editorial”. The illustrators work in various techniques, from watercolours, collage, pencil, acrylic, ink, screen to digital”.

Artists featured in this the exhibition include: Xano Armenter, Ignasi Blanch, Mirthe Blussé, Laura Borràs, Roberta Bridda, Brusco, Lluís Cadafalch, David Elósegui Victor Escandell, Arianne Faber, Africa Fanlo, Flor Garcia, Christian Inaraja, Isamat Marcos, Oscar Julve, Katrina Kalnina, Lluïsot, Eva Miquel, Perico Pastor, Elenio Pico, Imapla, Sonia Pulido, Felix Roca, Max Saladrigas, Gemma Sales, Philip Stanton, Martin Tognola, Luisa Vera, Natalia Zaratiegui, and Lucas Zarraluki.

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Distinction. A century of fashion photography

This fascinating new exhibition at the Museu del Disseny features photographs from the museum’s fashion photography collection, which comprises over 460 images.

Though the world of fashion and marketing has changed considerably in the past two decades thanks to the rise of the internet and new media, throughout the 20th century fashion photography was central to the spread of new fashion styles and trends, and this exhibition explores the evolution of fashion photography during this time period.

Photographs featured date from between 1903 and 2013 and represent the work of 35 different photographers; diverse origins include fashion magazine editorial shoots, work commissioned by fashion brands and work commissioned by designers and companies to use in advertising campaigns.

The exhibition itself is split into seven sections; each one illustrates a different stage in the evolution of fashion photography.

Distinction. A century of fashion photography takes place from the 25th of November to the 26th of March at the Museu Del Disseny.

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The Ethnological Museum

Discover the new Ethnological Museum of Barcelona on Montjuic, next to the MNAC and the old botanical garden. From November the 15th you can enjoy free guided tours every Sunday, up until the 3rd of January.

The newly renovated Museum of Ethnology in Barcelona has been set up as a space where society can reflect upon on itself. Anthropology is the science of people, and the learning that the museum curates is geared to everybody.

The Ethnological Museum is a museum of anthropology that is based on the dual pillars of scientific knowledge and visual aesthetics, with objects that challenge visitors to interpret their social environment.

Until the 4th of December, admission to the museum is free, offering locals a unique opportunity to discover this new cultural centre.

From Sunday November the 15th you can enjoy free guided tours of the Museum of Ethnology. Tours are conducted by a team of anthropologists, researchers and specialists who know the themes and stories that lie behind the exhibits on display.

Guided tours will be conducted in two sessions every Sunday at 11:30 am and 1.00 pm in groups of between 5 and 35 people. Places must be reserved by calling 0034 932563484 or by writing to

Located on Passeig de Santa Madrona, 16, 08038 Barcelona, the Ethnological Museum is best reached via Plaça Espanya.

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