Calçots!! The best places to eat them in and near Barcelona

Visitors to Barcelona this month are treated with a Catalan gastronomic treat, the Calçotada.

A calçot is a large green vegetable belonging to the onion family, though it looks more like a leek with a green stem and white edible section. Eaten with a romesco sauce, they are absolutely delicious. There is only one way to prepare them to make the best of their flavour, and that is over a charcoal grill. At the table they are dipped in Romesco, composed of olive oil, hazel nuts, pine nuts, nora peppers, roasted garlic and roasted tomatoes.

In a traditional calçotada meal Calçots are eaten as a starter and followed by a selection of meat, also cooked on a charcoal grill, this typically includes rabbit, lamb, pork, chicken and Catalan butifarra sausages. Needless to say copious amounts of local Penedes wine are needed to wash this all down.

Often the best Calçotada spots are Masies, old stone Catalan farm houses in the countryside or outskirts of Barcelona, such as Can Carbonell or Can Martí, both offer great views of the city in the rural setting of Collserola National Park.

However idyllic eating outdoors in the spring sunshine is, it is not always compatible with city living and some excellent Calçotades can also be found in Barcelona too. The Bodega Monumental in Sants or Quina Barra in Sant Martí, or in the Eixample, Caliu de L’Eixample are very good choices.

Masia Caldimoni and Restaurant Devesa are good options north west of the city near Badalona.

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7 Responses to Calçots!! The best places to eat them in and near Barcelona

  1. Edward from Miami Homes says:

    Calçots are usually cooked on a barbecue/grill, clean off the outer layers and then grill them to let all of that sweet taste flow.

  2. Salou says:

    Calçots… absolutly love them, tried them for the first time in salou last year (though a bit on the messy side) a must try for everyone.

  3. Richard from Jazz CD Reviews says:

    The Calcotado sounds like a delicious vegetable. When eaten with the romesco sauce, I bet it has a ton of flavor. Plus they’re made over a charcoal grill.

  4. John from How To Rap says:

    This is an amazing and good dish to eat. Calcots are worth trying and are followed by a selection of meats. I’m going to Barcelona so that I can eat this incredible dish.

  5. Yes, calcots taste best when grilled. I even want to overcook them sometimes, love to eat them when crispy. But the dish won’t be complete without romesco sauce for sure. It’s a must try for all tourists visiting Barcelona.

  6. Mia from Aventura Real Estate says:

    My friend already did this recipe and I can say that it really taste good. I will surely visit those places that offer this recipe when I visit Barcelona in the near future.

  7. Rob from Funtober says:

    Yum. I’ve never tried them but they have my mouth watering. I wish I was in Barcelona to take advantage of them.

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