Barcelona designs its way clear of the economic crisis

Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) and the Ajuntament (city council) announced a new joint project ‘€Design – Measuring Design Value’ on Tuesday. The aim of this project is to create and to promote an international reference guide for measuring design as an economic factor, and the impact of design on the economy of different countries and regions.

At a press conference, the president of BCD, Pau Herrera, said the intention of the organization is to apply the guidelines ”to each country and region”.

“We have studies that show that many companies are coming out of the crisis through innovation in both product design and production processes,” Herrera has stated, and added that BCD aims to improve the competitiveness of Catalan companies and design centers in Barcelona.

The Deputy Mayor of Economics, Business and Employment of the City Council, Sonia Recasens, claims that the project will allow design to be valued in terms of GDP, allowing Barcelona and Catalonia to raise funds and investments.

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  1. Leo from Accountant Wages says:

    What an interesting way to measure accounting for a city. I’ve always enjoyed design but saw no way of quantifying it as an objective measurable quality. Looking forward to the results of this project.

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