We are all made of stars. Apparently..

This is one of many discoveries you can make at “Som astrònoms!” [We are astronomers!], an exhibition organised by the Obra Social La Caixa. This exhibition in the CosmoCaixa 3D Planetarium consists of a full-screen film that shows us what the work of astronomers is really like, and what questions people are asking with regard to the cosmos.

The classic image of the solitary Astronomer working alone as a kind of hermit figure is centuries old. Modern day Astronomers need to share information and collaborate with experts from other scientific fields, as this discipline requires the most advanced technology available.

This superb exhibition is ideal for children, it uses highly advanced technology to show the film in stereoscopic 3D using a system that generates the images without having to process them beforehand, offering us a realistic view of the planets and giving us the feeling of being surrounded by their celestial bodies, and immersed in deep space!

“Som astrònoms!” is aimed at anyone from 8 years upwards, and costs 2 euros per person. Showings are on weekends and public holidays at 12 pm, 1 pm, 4 pm and 7 pm.

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  1. I have visited last year CosmoCaixa 3D Planetarium \nd it is, indeed, a very nice place.

  2. Scott says:

    I love just watching the stars. I hope one day I can just lay down watching the stars at night and enjoy every inch of it with my wife.

  3. I think that its true that they are all made of stars and being able to visit that planetarium is simply amazing. I know that many kids would love to have that amazing experience. I also like watching different astronomical exhibit along with my friends.

  4. leevabrit from Top Songs says:

    Hi, i have read your post about stars and i love it. I really love stars and i love to watch them. Thanks for wonderful post.

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