Poblenou – Barcelona’s village by the sea

Located only a short distance from the city centre, Poblenou is a delightful area with a distinct village feel. Located beyond the city centre to the north (towards France), Poblenou is right next to the sea and can be reached by metro in just ten minutes from the city centre, with no changes necessary.

Poblenou is well worth a deviation from the regular tourist route – Las Ramblas, the Born, the Old Port, the Sagrada Familia and the beaches. Poblenou has one of the best and least populated beaches in the city – Playa Bogatell, which many visit without strolling 5 minutes inland to see the surrounding area

It’s a charming area that is easy to get to know, and where a visitor you can get to know a different side to the city. The main axis of Poblenou is the shady and tree lined Rambla Poblenou, this runs through the heart of the district connecting the sea with Las Glories shopping centre. Along its length you will find all kinds of pleasant restaurants, taps bars and pavement cafes where you can eat some of the best seafood and tapas the city has to offer.

Away to the left of the Rambla Poblenou is the old quarter, a maze of narrow streets with quaint old fishermen’s houses. The Poblenou market is located here and is worth a visit, with its impressive display of fresh fish, meat and fruit and vegetables. The surrounding streets are full of choice restaurants, try Els Pescadors for a blow out.

To get to Poblenou you can either take line 4, the yellow line, on the metro, or walk from the centre following the beach from Barceloneta, which will take you about 30 minutes.


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  1. simba from vibrating screen says:

    Nice place and nice descrtiption, I’d like to go have a visit this village, by the sea with my family and friend, eating sea food and enjoy the wind from the sea, unimaginable,oh i cannot hold it, to travelling!

  2. Tiffany from Richardsons Holiday Parks says:

    A non-crowded beach is what I always seek whenever on vacation. I guess this is a perfect one in Barcelona. The village also seems to be a good place to explore. :)

  3. tim from how to conceive a girl says:

    I’m planning to go to Barcelona for a tourism.Must go to Poblenou to have a look

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