Seat sends electric cars to Barcelona

Barcelona is proud to be a green and environmentally friendly city. The city’s recycling system is a huge success, one of the finest in Europe. Public transport is excellent, and there is a city sponsored public bike scheme. In the city centre, numerous streets have been pedestrians and converted into public spaces.

So perhaps it is no wonder that Seat has chosen to test its first electric vehicles here. The Ajuntament, the Barcelona City Hall, will use three of its Altea XL Electric Ecomotive Evs, its all-electric vehicle, as part of its municipal car pool for the next six months. Seat will get information about how the cars are working and “assess performance prior to mass production of electric vehicles.”

Critics say that Seat is lagging far behind its competitors in the electric car industry and that three cars is actually very few. But  something electric is better than nothing!

The e-Altea can travel at up to 84 miles an hour and has a maximum range of 135 km. Solar panels on the roof help cool the cabin, but cannot provide the engine with power.


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5 Responses to Seat sends electric cars to Barcelona

  1. Leo from CPA Pay says:

    That looks like an excellent addition to the Barcelona green system. I look forward to seeing the results of this electric car test.

  2. Mary says:

    Amazing that Barcelona is a green and environment friendly city and being chosen as the place where electric cars are tested. Electric cars sure are a great way to help the environment.

  3. Mark says:

    I hope this one will be a huge success. Goodluck Barcelona and save mother earth.

  4. Sam from Norwich Audi says:

    That’s really good news. I agree that despite what critics say about the car, it is still one step to a greener environment.

  5. Dombnan says:

    In my honest opinion those cars should become more popular. I’m glad they are being tested in Barcelona.

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