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Sarriā-Sant Gervasi

Sarriā-Sant Gervasi is a wealthy residential district with numerous parks and green spaces that at times resembles certain areas of London. Sarrėa contains many health and education centres and is the main access point to the Collserola Park, the most important green space in the city.

Today you can still find parts of the rural village that Sarriā-Sant Gervasi once was prior to the arrival of Barcelona's middle classes in the 19th century. They came seeking cleaner air, Barcelona at the time was heavily industrialised and Sarría edges on the higher ground above the city,

Park in Sarriā-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona
Park in Sarriā-Sant Gervasi
Moderniste house - Sarriā-Sant Gervasi
Moderniste House

Recently Sarriā-Sant Gervasi has become a centre for numerous prestigious private medical clinics that receive visitors from all over the world.

Sarriā-Sant Gervasi is not on the usual tourist trail; a quiet, well healed residential neighbourhood with fast train connections to the city, this is the perfect place for a family to book a Barcelona apartment.

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