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Day trips to Tarragona from Barcelona

Tarragona is an ancient city founded by the Romans. Situated 100km South of Barcelona, Tarragona has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Tarragona was once a very rich town and capital of one of Spain's largest provinces. Nowadays tourist attractions include the Museum of Archaeology and the Roman ruins of Tarraco (the Roman name for the city).

These important ancient remains are the 10 metres walls surrounding the city, the amphitheatre near the sea-shore, the magnificent aqueduct and the Roman sepulchre, commonly called the "Tower of the Scipios".

The Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona has a beautiful collection of mosaics and fresco paintings, the most famous is probably the head of the mythological creature Medusa.

The upper part of the old medieval district has many well preserved palaces, and the Cathedral, which combines Romanesque and gothic styles. If you like seafood it is worth visiting the fisherman’s district, Serallo.

Tarragona Cathedral
Tarragona Cathedral
Roman Ampitheatre
Roman Ampitheatre
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