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Weather in Barcelona

Current weather and the forecast for the coming days in Barcelona

   Today's weather
14.7°C (58.4°F)76%1018hPa (Steady) (30.06in)1.6km/h (1.0mph) WSW

   Weather in Barcelona by month

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Barcelona enjoys an enviably warm and mild climate due to its location on the Mediterranean coast, enjoying warm temperatures and sunshine thoughout the year.

In addition Barcelona has wonderful beaches - clean and well equipped and used throughout the year, as well as the Olympic port which is equipped for all water sports.

Barcelona experiences very little rainfall, the yearly average being just 600mm - which is just enough to water the the many parks and public spaces, ensure that they remain green, and help keep the city's environment agreeable.

Barcelona's climate makes tourism a joy in any season of the year and facilitates all and any activities - be they cultural, sporting or sight-seeing.

   Forecast for Friday
Day Night Maximum temperature Minimum temperature
16 ° C. 9 ° C.

   Average temperatures in Barcelona
  January February March April May June July August September October November December
ºC 10 13 13 14 18 21 25 25 22 18 16 12
ºF 50 55 55 57 64 70 77 77 71,5 64,5 61 54


Weather in Barcelona in January

January is one of the coldest months of the year in Barcelona, though the weather is still very mild here in winter, with average highs of 13.4C (56.1F) and average lows of 4.4C (39.9F). The daily mean is 8.9C (48F)

Days in January are typically sunny and clear, with little rainfall (5 days on average). During the daytime you can often sit outside in the sun with a coat on and enjoy a drink or even a meal.


Weather in Barcelona in February

February is the end of (a very mild) winter in Barcelona, with average highs of 14.6C (58.3F) and average lows of 5.3C (41.5F). The daily mean is 10.0C (53F).

Spring is not here yet in February but just round the corner with average highs of 14.6C (58.3F) and average lows of 5.3C (41.5F). The daily mean is 10C (50F)


Weather in Barcelona in March

March sees the onset start of spring in Barcelona with average highs of 15.9C (60.6F) and average lows of 6.7C (44.1F). The daily mean is 11.3C (52.3F)


Weather in Barcelona in April

Spring is in full swing in April. At this time of year rainfall is higher than usual, showers can be expected, though it is a very pleasant and sunny month.


Weather in Barcelona in May

May sees the transition between spring and summer with some very agreeable temperatures. Like April, rainfall is higher than usual, but relatively still low. Expect average highs of 20.5C (68.9F) and average lows of 15.7C (60.3F). The daily mean is 20C (60.8F).


Weather in Barcelona in June

June is the start of summer in Barcelona and when the heat starts to really warm up. Expect average highs of 24.2C (72.6F) and average lows of 15.7C (60.3F). The daily mean is 20C (60.8F).


Weather in Barcelona in July

The beginning of the peak of summer, July is very hot in Barcelona, with high humidity too.

Average highs of 25.5C (77.9F) and average lows of 16.7C (62.1F). The daily mean is 21.1C (70F).


Weather in Barcelona in August

August is the hottest month of the year in Barcelona and typically very humid. As tourists arrive in droves, locals head out of the city for the coast or foreign climes.

Average highs of 25.5C (77.9F) and average lows of 16.7C (62.1F). The daily mean is 21.1C (70F).


Weather in Barcelona in September

As summer in Northern Europe comes to a close, here in Barcelona it is still going strong with average highs of 25.5C (77.9F) and average lows of 16.7C (62.1F). The daily mean is 21.1C (70F).


Weather in Barcelona in October

October is the end of summer in Barcelona, and the first half of the month is typified by Indian Summer weather; expect to wear short sleeves.

This is a very agreeable month in Barcelona, gently warm but not humid, average highs reach 21.5C (70.7F) and average lows 12.6C (54.7F). The daily mean is 17.1C (62.8F)


Weather in Barcelona in November

November is still an Autumnal month in Barcelona, without wintery weather. The average high in November is 17.0C (62.6F) , with average lows of 8.1C (46.6F). The daily mean is 12.6C (54.7F).


Weather in Barcelona in December

December is the start of winter in Barcelona, but a Mediterranean winter is very mild compared to northern Europe, with no snow and ice, featuring sunny days when you can still enjoy outdoors activities and pavement terraces.

Average highs in December are 14.3C (57.7F) and average lows of 5.7C (42.3F). The daily mean is 10.0C (53F).